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Chlorination Production
Chlorination is one of the most effective disinfection methods available.  Producing chlorine is very simple.  With a 12 v car battery (45Ah is suitable), titanium electrodes and a simple salt solution, enough chlorine can be produced in 20 minutes to disinfect the water supply of a village of 100 persons.  The methodology was implemented in three villages in Kyamagemule.
Salt Chlorination
20-40 grams of salt (about the size of a jerry can cap) are mixed in a 10-liter bucket of water.  The electrodes are placed in the water and connected to the battery.  The current separates the sodium from the chloride, producing chlorine gas, which bubbles through the solution. 
One capful per 20-liter canister produces a solution of between 1 and 2 mg/l, the WHO recommended dose.  After 30 minutes of contact time, the water is effectively disinfected.
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