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Doing an Internship with WeDev Water



Why do we become engineers?

To help others?  Our organization offers a great opportunity for that.

To teach/mentor?  "For me, at my age, this is a very important aspect.  To give back what I’ve learned.  To train the next generation.  But even if you’re not my age, you can mentor.  And if you’re a leader, you can give perspective." Michael Ottensmann, Founder WeDev Water 

Mahmud Uthman
Violeta Dimitresku

Effective communication is essential to any organization. Video is one of the most effective methods to convey ideas.  Recognizing this, WeDev Water places a high emphasis on video production.  Our experienced filmmakers have, or have access to, high quality film equipment.  We invite film students with a passion for story-telling to do an internship with us.  Through WeDev Water, we offer opportunity and exposure for young film students and professionals.

Documentary in Frankfurt

Being an intern also has advantages that might not be available to most full-time employees of a given company. For example, you have the ability to explore other avenues. You are not necessarily bound to doing one particular task. In fact, you are often encouraged to talk with other departments and ask more questions compared to full-time staff.

Whereas the typical production employee is often expected to cope on day one, interns are usually provided ample training and given the leeway to make mistakes because their inexperience is assumed.

Sometimes we don’t do things in the most practical way because it serves a higher purpose by doing it differently, increasing community acceptance, for example.

Innovation?  Why be tied to commercial solutions? How much of our treatment alternatives require deep engineering knowledge rather than common sense, - just the ability to problem solve?  Have a novel idea? Try it with us!

Samuel Ottensmann

Want to experience an internship with field work in Africa? It's simple; send us your inquiry by e-mail: or click here.

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