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We aim to achieve small improvements of the drinking-water situation in developing countries, through the use of low-cost, low-tech-methods, built with locally available, affordable resources. Because even the smallest improvements achieved and the smallest experiences made can improve lives.

With a passion for innovation, we find the best fitting, conventional solutions for drinking-water and sanitation problems especially in very poor, rural areas in developing countries. We are also always searching for new, creative ways to make positive changes.

Together with our friends (especially in Uganda), we want to develop and implement drinking-water and sanitation solutions that are reliable, affordable and fit into the daily and cultural habits of the areas we visit. We aim to spread technical knowledge and give people assistance to start the improvements in the drinking-water and sanitation sector by themselves. And we want to give young students experience in foreign countries and change their view of life and humanity,and of course we aim to have a lot of fun in realizing our mission!

If YOU are interested in taking part in existing projects or trying out your own ideas, get in touch with us.

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