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Consulting Services

Our water team has more than 30 years’ experience in solving water problems.  We will work with you to find a suitable solution for your location.  In most cases, this service is free.  For more complex problems requiring a design on our part on your behalf, fees are negotiable.

On a typical project, we would visit your location to get a feel for the culture and the specific water issue.  Then, we work directly with the customer and the user to develop a solution that fits the needs of the user and the budget of the customer.  We specialize in developing solutions that are easy to use, inexpensive and require minimal training.  Wherever possible, we use locally available materials and integrate the suggestions of the local populace to create a solution that will have little impact on the lifestyle of the local community and actually be used.

We recognize that the best way to find the right solution is to begin at your project location.  For that reason, we are open to visiting your site and meeting directly with your people and strongly recommend doing so.  Solutions work best when the local culture is integrated.

Follow up visits are an essential part of our work to ensure that the solution is integrated into the daily lives of the local populace.

We are dedicated to improving water quality and health wherever needed.  Please contact us if you have a need and we’ll see how we can help.

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