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Herbal Remedies Program

Artemisia Annua has been shown in numerous studies to reduce the likelihood of contracting malaria and reducing the severity of malaria symptoms.

Moringa Oleifera (also Malinga in the local language) has many beneficial properties. Its leaves are high in antioxidants; it can be used in tea to boost the immune system. Its seeds provide a nutritious food source for animals, forms a natural coagulant for water treatment, has mild antibacterial properties and provides an essential oil on par with olive oil as a cash crop. The seeds, according to literature, show great promise in the reduction of heavy metals in water.

Both plants do not grow well in flatland areas where the temperatures are high. Zinga, because of its milder lake climate and incidents of malaria, and Nyanzi, because of its higher elevation and incidence of malaria were perceived as more suitable locations for a pilot project for the implementation of the herbal remedies.

Seeds of both species were planted and local citizens trained in the care of the seedlings. Since growth of the species is problematic and since both seed types are sunlight-activated, the seeds were planted on the surface of coconut discs and planted in sandy soil. Over the period of two weeks, substantial growth was seen in both species at the Zinga location and locals appeared adequately trained. At Nyanzi, one citizen was a botanist and minimal training was required.

Artemisia Annua (Stock Photo)
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